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Few have not heard about the famous game created by the Finnish company Rovio, Angry Birds. Created in 2009, this series of video games, It has been fully adapted to touch screen devices. The game originally developed for Facebook, was the most downloaded app in 2012, with more than one billion in Apple's App Store and Google Play. And if that was not enough, It is also, the best selling game ever for smartphones.

Angry Birds Friends

The sixth installment of the series Angry Birds, brought to Android and iOS devices, both tablets and smartphones, it is without a doubt, another hit version of angry birds Facebook.
Obviously, version mobile and tablets, continue to maintain integration with the social network Facebook, with respect to items, the markers, and besides getting the rewards you go.

The Angry Birds Friends maintains the initial essence of the game, the biggest news in it will be able to choose the order in which angry birds launch, and of course, presents only truly noticeable improvements in graphics game.

Besides, this delivery has added new levels with several phases that according account, They are more difficult than those of the original game, something that surely will appeal to lovers of this game.
In fact, Players now must seek to improve their strategies used to overcome the various levels where new birds were found and the emergence of enemies to overcome the final phases.

Features of the game

Using the same format as the previous installments:

  • The game uses a 6-level weekly Facebook tournament each of these tournaments. Top 3 will earn useful coins to buy “Power-Ups”, you can also help with “Power´s Practice” which will allow you to train the “Power-Ups”
  • Obviously, to begin to compete with your friends, Red y Chuck, You need an account on that social network Facebook.
  • Though, Initially, the game is similar in many respects to the classic Angry Birds, the most notable change such as the inclusion of “Power-Ups”. Which will allow fans of the game to lead better, fly and cause even more damage. Nevertheless, if you wish, the game can also be played without the use of “Power-Ups”.
  • If we talk about social media, the game will allow you to invite friends to play, They may also be given away “Power-Ups” including gift.
  • Store Angry Birds, It allows players to buy the aforementioned “Power-Ups”
  • Other interesting features of the game is to use the Mighty Eagle to the player himself or as a gift to other players.
  • Besides, Angry Birds Friends allows users to customize a bird icon for your profile, using the Bird-o-Matic.

Though, for versions Android and IOS, the story levels do not appear, The game consists of episodes similar to those included in the classic Angry Birds: Surf and Turf, Weekly Tournaments, Golden Eggs, Pigini Beach, Mighty Hoax, y Pigini Beach.

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In conclusion, certainly the sixth installment of the game of angry birds, promises to give us hours of entertainment in various forms of play, which will make the experience can not become so monotonous and can enjoy even more of this fabulous game in our Android or iOS device.
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