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Candy Crush Saga Hack | Cheats Online

Receives the amount you want from Gold, Lives, you just have to use our hack Candy Crush Saga, To do this we up and down a button, you only have to press it and follow the instructions indicated, It is very easy to do and valid for devices running Android and iOS. Thanks to our generator can use the game Candy Crush Saga without any kind of limit and can dominate the game effortlessly any. In jugarya we have a very good team of programmers that chiflan disembowel him all games and do all kinds of hacks.

Candy Crush, one filled with magical venture crunchy sweets and candies, where millions of users have bewitched. Know all the information about this wonderful game.

Origen de Candy Crush Saga

Its originality began on the Web, for the page King.com, It is released in mid-2011. Starting with a reduced version, enjoying one level. Then, his popularity was not named.

The creator of the saga Tommy Palm, He obtained the statistics of the game and determined that it could achieve more success. This game was adapted as an application on mobile phones and tablet Android and IOS. Candy Crush is a simple and easy game to play.

Thus beginning Candy Crysh Saga, in 2012 of November, obtaining or unloaded 10 million times on Android and iOS phones.

A pleasant sweet and funny game

Candy Crush Saga, It is a pleasant sweet and funny game, It contains a nice graphics. The game is to collect the same candies or more. Attraction requires a few minutes of your space, the magic of the game will grow as fences passing levels with Tiffy and Mr. Toffee start living the adventure.

Get to know the magic to adventure

We'll help you start on this magical adventure:

Starting the game: At the beginning of the game you can see a map and levels that you can achieve, at the top you can see a heart telling you the number of lives that you have to play, giving players five lives and if they end up having to wait 30 min to have a new life.
Adapt the board: At the time of starting the game you will watch the board covered caramels in the gray area, What is the gray area? The gray area is the board game which indicates the lines which are placed candies, so that they can mobilize from one place to another. That means that if a gray area is no candy can not mobilize candy. You should focus on gaps.
Upper part of the screen: There you will find buttons, and the required score you need to advance your level.
On the bottom: You will see the movement you have to manage your candy, since the game not only, culminates when you get the required score if not when you finish your movements. You will also see a thermometer or progress bar to be marked, whenever you combine the caramels get points that will help you to the next level, If you get enough points you can not move and you lose life.
Give the wheel: you can also find special candy or booster you can use as you play.
Candies combine your:

This fun game has the magic to combine your candy, special candy so you can knock down a lot of candy easily and make progress faster.

Entres have special candies:

Candy Stripe: combination would 4 regular candy in a row which will vertically or horizontally serious, removed the candy is in the row or column.
wrapped candies: uniting five equal candy forms a T or L, manage to create a candy wrapper that would equal the turn eliminated a bomb candy circular eights.
The pump color: pump delicious chocolate candy pieces manage to get the 5 equal candies and its effect is very advantageous for the players as they unite with a candy can eliminate all the same color candies, If the join with a candy stripe all candies of that color will become striped candy eliminating each line according to the direction of candies, but if you join a pump with a pump you achieved it remove all the boards candies.

We recommend playing Candy Crush, as it is a very funny and entertaining game, where you can also find the Booster Wheel which will provide you the game when playing. Remember, you can download it to your Android and iOS system and start living this wonderful adventure.

Hack ios android