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Do you like dragons? Now you can bring your own dragon in a fantastic park filled with these majestic creatures. You collect different breeds of dragons in the world of floating islands full of magic Dragons World Android and iOS.

Know the world where you can create your own dragon.

Immerse yourself in the world of dragons and get the necessary knowledge to make the most powerful dragons mixtures. Watch them grow these beautiful creatures in your own sanctuary. Become the best breeder of dragons and train them to defend their world from attacks by other players.

Expand your Dragonshrine.

Dragons World is a game for mobile devices to the free-to-play style where you must create a sanctuary to breed dragons. You can select the type of dragon you want to get by mixing the various species that has the game. Creates new species and types of dragons, collection reaches rarest lizards the world has ever seen.

It is important to mention that each dragon has attributed elements like air, fire, Water, land and even magic. Thus, You should take into account each of them to create new breeds of dragons. You can mix different dragons to get several elements in a single dragon.

Therefore, you must create new sanctuaries for each type and size of dragon. The habitat is important to raise our dragon, because in this way we increase the skills and qualities in them. Additionally we can build buildings and shrines customize Dragons decorative objects.

What dragon are looking?.

As we mentioned, each dragon has the ability to control certain elements. Nevertheless, it is also important to consider the activity for which we will use our Dragon. In this way, we have the following types of dragons can breed.

Dragons fight.

They are suitable for the shower dragons to help win battles and defend our sanctuary from enemy attacks. These dragons can only fight once they reach level 5, Meanwhile you have to worry about feeding them and make them level up. Once reached level 5, we can visualize the option that shows the types of attack and the damage it causes each.
It should be added that not all produce the same effect attacks and damage. By this is meant that we should focus on increasing the attack of the dragon's causes harm on the opponent.
Dragons generating money.

This quality can be seen in the store when purchasing the dragon. Each dragon generates a certain amount of coins per hour. Revenue generated by each dragon increase as these level up. This is why, you should consider picking this quality to our population of dragons.

Dragones to create.

The main objective of the game is to create as many mergers of dragons. All dragons can be achieved through different combinations, it is only necessary to test each of the mixtures. The key to the dragon according to the mix is ​​able to combine the elements of air, Water, fire, land and magic.

Tips for raising dragons.

There are more tricks you need to know to improve your Dragonshrine.

  • Do not waste buying gems dragons, since all dragon can be obtained by mixing. Use these coins to improve magical abilities of each dragon.
  • In battle it is advisable to select a diverse group of dragons with different powers, because each of them is more effective on a different element.
  • It is advisable to have several elements dominate dragons, since these are better than the basic consisting of a single element.
  • You can sell dragons which mixtures have not been the right or just because you do not need. This way you get money in return you will help.

Thus have fun with thousands of players around the world and visit the shrines of your friends to receive gifts. Challenge other players and become a master of raising dragons.

Hack ios android