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The gates of hell have opened again, creatures of the underworld threaten to destroy peace on earth. If you've heard these phrases know what game it sure is. In this article we will learn about Hellfire, Android version of the famous game Diablo classic video games.

Background that support Hellfire.

Every fan of video games will be heard from the iconic role-playing game Diablo, the first game RPG. This is a game that was innovative in many ways during its premiere. The ability to participate in person during battles, the graphics, sounds and missions positioned this game as the best of his era.

Players spent hours they are enjoying and hellish creatures battling to rid the land of evil. That is why many fans were fabulous this game, as it was a game with a surprising story.

A story never before known.

It is thanks to the success of Diablo Hellfire expansion version is developed for mobile devices. This version is a continuation of a parallel story little known, which takes place in Tristan. During the epic battle of the heroes who fought against the infernal demon, we observed a strange magician Tristan Cemetery. Many we ignore this detail of history without apparent meaning. The truth, It is that later Hellfire makes sense thanks to this unexpected appearance. In fact, He discovered that the unknown wizard intended invoke an ancestral demon known as Na-Krull. It is where this new argument is taken as the basis for the sequel Hellfire.

the new struggle begins between good and evil.

The content of the game is interesting, It is made up campaigns where the main objective is to close the gates of hell. In each mission you have to fight hundreds of creatures from the underworld to cleanse the land of these hordes of evil.

At the start players must select a group of heroes, which it should be invoked for battle. The priority is to move the character level and equipped with powerful weapons for battle. creating a powerful hero who devastates the demonic armies and complete all missions.

As is the Hellfire system attacks.

The gameplay is quite simple and quirky, because if it is true it is a turn-based combat game. We should aim our aim and launch a magic attack by sliding your finger across the screen. The extent of the damage to our opponent will depend on whether we hit our attack, because if we fail the damage will be minimal.

On the other hand, missions to advance your character must move through a map full of danger and hidden treasures. On the way we will find allies to support us, because every time the challenges will be more difficult to overcome. In this point, battle strategies and the selection of allies with different powers play an important role.

There are many reasons to play Hellfire.

This is one of the most mobile games rated and downloaded on Google Play. A reference for its popularity is that it has more than one million downloads in its history. Hellfire surrounds us in the skin of a demon hunter who seeks to close the gates of hell. This story guarantees hours of play because of its complexity and especially for its large number of missions.
The visual appearance of the game is resaltante, the design of each character and the details in each one of them is outstanding. Besides, the sound is well complemented with scenarios in each mission with melodies and battle effects quality. In Hellfire game you will find a very powerful, with a high level of addiction to not stop playing. So it is a highly recommended download for you to enjoy an experience very entertaining.

Hack ios android