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The very popular role-playing Hello Hero, currently available for PC, and of course also enabled smartphones today, in each and every one of the different operating systems available, as Android and iOS.

If you did not know

If you do not know, It is a multiplayer online role play, of the medieval genre with a spectacular animated atmosphere that recreates battles against villains heroes. Pretty simple is not it?
However, what really makes this spectacular interesting game developed especially for smartphones, It is inviting us to choose, not only a character, but a whole team that we pass a diverse range of scenarios.

Kill the enemies

Once inicies battles, It will be truly convenient destroy the enemy as soon as possible, and thus, level rise rapidly, up to a maximum number.
For sure, the game is great fun to spend hours of entertainment with friends, where you can:

  • Have full control of your characters, which will be raising their stats up to become a group of heroes truly invincible.
  • Buy weapons, armor and everything necessary to protect and of course, attack.
  • Combat in three dimensions
  • Compete against other online players

The best of this game, It is that it is freely available for all operating systems, so you get a really simple and entertaining at the same time, to spend time.

Game Features

After starting your game, you realize you have to kill great villains on each map, and for this, you'll must gather and recruit over 300 exceptional heroes ranging from delicate figure skating queens to deadly silver-haired swordsmen.
Once a've managed to create the most powerful group of heroes possible, your goal is to defeat other players online, or if you prefer, the dreaded "bosses" who constantly threaten to destroy the universe.

However, You could notice how the game is divided into two stages quite differentiated.
In the first, players must create your group of heroes, choosing from a range of possibilities, are more than a hundred different characters, where you find knights, lords of hell, magicians, archers, elfas, among many other characters, You stop all ready to be recruited to the command of your army.

The fight

Once we have completed our group of heroes, It is the most exciting part when it will arrive and expected the game: The fight.
During the second phase, players will face dozens of different enemies, in three-dimensional fighting really exciting and divided by innings.
Besides, You must fight against fearsome enemies fearsome end, and if it does not meet your expectations, Hello Hero in you can challenge all your friends to PvP, where players will test the skills of their heroes, against, the number of heroes group of another player.

Download it now

However, do not wait to start living your own experience Hello Hero, full of knights, lords of hell, archers, magicians, elfas, and many other characters that ensure hours of entertainment to the front of the screen of your smartphone.
No matter if you are Android or iOS, This app is completely free and available for all platforms, making maximum possible online experience giving you the opportunity to play with as many people as possible.
A truly practical interface, It makes this fabulous game is quite simple even for the less gifted in terms of skills with the phone in question.
Regardless of the team, The game is especially designed for touch, making the experience of playing, something truly fascinating.

Hack ios android