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Monster Legends Hack | Cheats Online

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Prepare to tame powerful legendary beasts with incredible skills in Monster Legends. Build a village where you can bring your own battles monsters and combine them to obtain unique races. Walk a map full of adventure and nonstop action, any mobile Android and IOS.

Know the world of legendary monsters.

It is a social game designed to be shared by the Facebook platform. The objective of the game is to create a village where you can breed monsters domesticated for various uses. Monsters can do to help improve civilization, or to fight against other players and win battles for territory.
In setting the game takes place in a fantasy world composed of islands on a map full of adventures and dangers Stalking. You must explore every island of the map looking for quests you can meet to gain experience and rewards for.

Resources used in the game.

As it mentioned above, It is a game where you have to build a village to raise and domesticate legendary creatures. For it, resources need to collect different types help you build and expand your world. As well as, improving technologies and exchange resources with other players to strengthen strategic alliances. The game consists of different resources that we collect, among which are.


It is the main currency with which you can buy most items and monsters in the game. This resource can be obtained by collecting it from mines, selling items and monsters on the market or through bonuses battles. You can also get large amounts of gold by completing achievements and missions that are helpful.


It is an indispensable resource to maintain the population of monsters, as well as improve their habitat. Food can get building crops and hunting in the surrounding areas of the village. Another way to obtain food is through missions and winning battles against other players.

The experience.

It is a score that is used to move up a level in the game. experience for every construction or improvement representing growth of our village is achieved. Similarly you can get experience by completing missions of the game, getting achievements and in every battle that we participate.

The diamonds.

They are the most valuable resource and difficult to get hold of the game. This is because, it can be used only for purchases, accelerate improvements in buildings and legendary monsters. They are not easy to get, so you should search nearby islands, level up and complete as many achievements and missions. Thus, we can receive diamonds as a reward.

Buildings that can be built in Monster Legends.

It is a fairly complex game, containing a variety of buildings to construct and which can be made various improvements. In this fantasy world we.


Trade Center where resource exchanges occur with other players. We may sell and buy resources that are necessary for the village.


These are the houses inhabited by the builders of the village. Which they are responsible for building or improving buildings and habitats. So while most homes have can expand faster village.

Mountain farming.

Spaces are inhabited by monsters, there are crossed to produce eggs which are incubated in the tower nidal.

The tower nidal.

You get to the start of the game. It is the first building because this is where the eggs are incubated for the birth of monsters. It is an important building that can be improved to save more eggs.

The sand.

Scenario where clashes take place between players, where the winner gets the loser resources. Generally it used to accumulate trophies and determine the position of each player in the ranking.

What kind of creatures brings Monster Legends.

The legendary monsters are the main theme of the game because in them the story centers. You can buy them, incubate, aparearlos, improve their skills and sell them if they are not useful. On the other hand, Each monster has elemental skills as water, land, fire, Thunder, light, darkness, magic and metal. In addition to 5 types of special creatures among which are common, special, rare, epic and legendary, where each reaches a different level.

It is part of the adventure Monster Legends.

Start creating your own world of legendary monsters where you can raise and combine them to obtain powerful creatures. It is a game that certainly spend hours playing and not lose interest in other applications. Download it and see for yourself.

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