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Pool Live Tour Hack | Cheats Online

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the tour of the world of betting begins in Pool Live Tour, a game for those who love billiards. Challenges players online and win the games with the best moves to win fabulous trophies. In this game you can simulate the scenario of a real pool game, where you can chat with other players at the table.

Game Description.

This is a pool game that you can enjoy through the social network facebook. We find friends on this platform and participants from other nations. The aim is common for all players, get as many trophies and accumulate points to be among the best.

On the other hand, The game is very versatile because it can make use of authentic skills pool. It is an application that contains simple touch controls, to enjoy natural options this game. Its popularity has been incredible, mas de 2.5 millones de usuarios utilizan a diario esta aplicación disponible para dispositivos móviles.
Should be added, Pool Live Tour that lets you enjoy the single player mode, where we can practice to improve the plays. Thus, when we are well prepared for the games we can compete online against other users. Which helps to perfect the technique of play and win many games with great rewards.

How to start the adventure pool tables in Pool Live Tour.

Initially the game limits us to Moe's Bar during the first level. In this initial phase, podemos jugar el wagging donde conseguiremos 2 puntos G que serán necesarios obtener para acceder a los demás niveles. In the following scenarios we can find larger tables, where new twists effects are enabled for plays. We can participate in tournaments held daily and get new tricks in the game.

Main resources of the game.

Existen 2 tipos de recursos de valor en el juego, which I used to participate in meetings and purchase items.

The G points.

This is a type of coin you get when you win games, but if we lose then they take away points G. As we ascend higher level is the number of points you need for each G game.
The G points can also get the achievements fulfilled during the game, winning trophies or other event associated with the game. It is important to note that the G point are private, ie that only you can see how many you have.

Los W-inings.

Is the sum of all G points obtained from other users in multiplayer games. In addition, the W-innings are used to average the classification of each juagador in the game, based on its total. With this, a good balance is obtained when playing games with other opponents of the same level. It is also important to note that W-innings can only increase and that these are public to other players.


They are those who earn by making difficult shots and be champion in special events such as tournaments. Similarly, trophies to getting a high amount of points G is also gaining in return. So it is important to watch and get trophies whenever you can.

Features of this mobile version of pool.

  • Online game mode and Offline, which it is useful for those without internet, they can practice anywhere.
  • multiplayer platform to participate in international competitions with other players of the world.
  • It has a convenience store to buy different types of cleats, with different attributes and collect all brands.
  • Variety of tables and scenarios, where the games become more and more interesting.

Prove your skills in billiards with Pool Live Tour.

Overall Live Tour Pool is a pool game that captures the attention of many players of this genre. The graphical interface is simple but with gameplay very similar to the actual game. So many are hooked hours with this game that is full of entertainment and fun.

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