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Back in time and is part of the Jurassic World Jurassic Park Builder, a game that brings to your phone's famous dinosaur movie. During the early days of launch of the game, Many users have already downloaded this app. In this article we bring an informative guide which explains everything related to this fabulous game

Live the experience of creating dinosaurs.

This is a game through Facebook where we can create dinosaurs from DNA. We can mix several breeds of dinosaurs for a new species and have a greater variety. These DNA fragments are obtained that are collected in amber missions game. We may also share this resource with other players on the network, or receive them from those friendships that make us donations. In this way, You can move faster in the game and get more DNA to raise as many dinosaurs.

At the beginning of this entertaining game with a Triceratops we drink, 100 fodder, 100 meat, 1.000 coins and 3 wads of banknotes. These are the first resources that we know how to use, as they represent the initial phase to build the dinosaur park.

Build a habitat for each species.

After having understood how how dinosaurs are created, we must build a habitat for each. With this, you begin to build a park full of attractions where dinosaurs are the main reference. We can choose to build various scenarios, of which have a water park, land or glacier. In these habitats, dinosaurs can grow and develop into adulthood.

Caring and control the dinosaurs.

Will need constant care, as well as feed them to grow and level up. Herbivorous dinosaurs need to eat forage for food, while the meat carnivores. The amount varies in relation to the size of each species and as we increase growth. When our dinosaur reaches level 5 he'll be an adult. Thus, we can use them to take part in exciting battles where you get coins, Teeth food as a reward.

On the other hand, each dinosaur has several actions that can be performed by selecting. Among them we have:


You can control movement of each species and place them in the appropriate areas. These are green, while red areas are those that for security reasons they can not be in it.

To feed

This option will give the right amount of food for the dinosaur.


Each of them makes money which is stored until you can pick them up. Thus, pressing this option obtain the necessary coins to buy food and build new things.

To sell

We also have the option in which we can change the dinosaur for a few coins that could be helpful.

Tips for playing Jurassic Park Builder.

In this sense, build a large dinosaur park is one of the main tips during play. It should be considered a good strategy, and be resourceful to convert the park into a major source of earning.
Entertain visitors with good maintenance attractions and hire staff for the park is a good strategy.
Improve the safety of the park is one of the steps you should take. The game provides the option to code red, a practice that we must learn to avoid some of the dinosaurs escape. For this option is enabled, you have to have at least 5 carnivorous dinosaurs in the park. With this, We guarantee the safety of the park and maximize profits, thanks to the preference of visitors.

Play the adventure of Jurassic Park Builder.

If you are someone who always you liked dinosaurs, sure you will love this application. Design your own world of dinosaurs, in a crowded park these prehistoric creatures. Become a real wrangler dinosaurs and watch them grow from birth. It is a fun game where you'll be hooked thanks to its subject interesting.

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