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Age of Wind Hack | Cheats unlimited Game info Android Age of Wind and iOS1

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE Age of Wind | Cheats unlimited

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Age of Wind Hack ios android

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  • It supports all versions of iOS and Android.

It supports all versions of iOS and Android Age of Wind | Cheats unlimited

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Información extra de Age of Wind Hack | Cheats unlimited

Get the amount you want of Gold – XP, you just have to use our hack Age of Wind, We leave it up to a button, only have to press it and follow the instructions, It is very easy to use and is valid for iOS and Android. Thanks to our tool you can use the game Age of Wind without any kind of limit and you can dominate the game effortlessly. In jugarya.com have a team of very hardcore programmers who loves to disembowel games and do all kinds of hacks.

Get ready to become a pirate 7 mares. Browse through a world full of adventure and danger, where you will discover islands and great treasures. In Age of Wind you can fight epic naval battles to win islands and exotic goods. Which will be helpful to expand your fleet.

Game Description

This is a game that allows you to take one of the most popular characters in the world of ruffians. It is an exciting application, in which you can fight pirates different in different corners of the world. This is the first version of the pirate style editor Deemedya, which it is to sail the sea treasure hunting. In this way, you can get enough money to upgrade the boat with new guns and bigger wineries.

Start of the game.

At first you start with the simplest and easy boat all. This boat has simple guns and a warehouse with little storage capacity. In ports you can trade treasures and goods that have been obtained during the trip. With this, money for which you can invest to improve weapons of war on the boat is received. As well as enlarge the warehouse so we can carry more goods on the boat.

There are several missions in this action adventure game. You can choose between discovering new lands unknown treasures and Pacific trade in goods among the islands cernas. The cost of products is different on each island, therefore it is advisable to devote time to this game mode. As, It allows you to get large amounts of money without having to make large expenditures for maintenance to the boat.

On the other hand, If you like action and be a villain pirate, You can choose raiding merchant caravans boats. Thus, you take over the resources transporting boats between islands. You can also challenge other pirates and wage great naval battles, where the winner gets the treasures. This mode is the new version of the game, It allows players to know everyone and establish strategic alliances. Thus you can become one of the best pirates in this fascinating game.

Tips and tactics to be the best pirate.

It is important to understand the environment and play components so take advantage of Age of Wind.

  • Speed ​​and agility, are essential elements that must be taken when sailing the boat. This allows maneuvers to dodge shots, since battles can not be won only weapons.
  • It is advisable to place the boat from side to opponent, in order to make an accurate shot and more damage.
  • Always try to keep the boat in good condition and repairs to damage caused by war. Because otherwise, this hurts boat nautical skills, which affect future battles.

Game Features.

  • You can choose from 17 only boats with different qualities.
  • Options to improve the armor, sails and cannons boats.
  • It includes 21 islands to explore and discover treasures.
  • Multiplayer online platform to play with other users worldwide.
  • Application compatible with Android and iOS mobile devices.

Live the pirate experience in Age of Wind.

The Adventures of pirates are always attractive, so download the best game of pirates. Where you can build your own fleet of ships which you can upgrade or buy new boats. This will give you an advantage over your opponents in battle. Since this way, turn your ship into a battleship war of mass destruction. Pirates leaving your rivals no chance of winning the battle and becoming the best pirate of all.

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