Hack Cooking Fever Cheat – Coins and Gems Unlimited

Hack Cooking Fever Cheat – Coins and Gems Unlimited
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Cooking Fever Hack | Cheats unlimited cooking1

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE Cooking Fever | Cheats unlimited

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Cooking Fever Hack ios android

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It supports all versions of iOS and Android Cooking Fever | Cheats unlimited

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Cooking Fever, fun in the kitchen

If you like cooking and time management games you can not miss this option. Cooking Fever is the most fun and safe way to cook dishes from around the world.

Knowing the basics

Cooking Fever is a dynamic and entertaining game kitchen where players must serve customers as quickly as possible. It has an index 18 locations, at times, with 40 levels each. Each location represents a different option kitchen, with new recipes and varied characters that can catch you for hours. It's a game against the clock, but also against the patience of visitors.

The game has been developed by the industry Nordcurrent, specialists in applications and games for Android and iOS. It can be downloaded in the shop Play Store for free.

Game procedure

The shape of Cooking Fever game is very simple. Its interface is dynamic, explicit and friendly. Basically it consists of identifying the desire of every visitor, which they require preparing and forward them.

For the preparation of the dishes must follow a set of instructions to be indicating as becomes more complex recipe. Ideally finish orders at the right time, thus avoiding discomfort by customers.

Reward system

In Cooking Fever rewards are reflected in two ways: through coins and gems. Coins are the staple of consumption, allow improvements ingredients, equipment and other goods. Gems are the highest level of reward and achieves the highest levels of improvements.

Coins daily rewards are given when starting the application. Arriving a day 7 (continuously) collecting the rewards the game awards, In addition to the coins, 2 gems. This gift will be maintained while the frequency of access will not break the game.

Another way to buy coins or gems, It is through the casino. Is a location on the map where you can bet to get free gems.

Level changes allow also get a reward. Level increases are due to a variety of activities such as improvements of ingredients, purchase of equipment or furniture, among others.

And for the more daring, Cooking Fever allows the purchase of coins and gems with real money.

The restaurants

Cooking fever presenta 3 different areas namely: the city, Paradise Island and the Rocky Mountains. Each zone is composed of a number of restaurants.

In the city they are: fast food restaurant, the bakery, Chinese restaurant, the sushi restaurant, the pizza shop, Indian Restaurant, Cafeteria, FC Barcelona sports bar and seafood restaurant.

Paradise Island is accessed through a cruise from the city. Its premises are: van corn dogs, Mexican coffee, the ice cream shop, Crab House, paradise cocktail and sunset waffles.

In the Rocky Mountains (which it is a developing area) so far listed: the smoky barbecue, Italian buffet and salad bar. And even new and innovative locations are expected.

In addition to the own recipes for each restaurant, each presents a series of drinks and desserts as player support. The desserts are available at a special level for free. To provide it to the customer upon request, increases the amount of tips that character. After this free sample runs out the player must purchase their desserts payment gems.

With everything, Cooking fever has put aside traditional cooking games. Its designers have come up with really attractive creations like FC Barcelona sports bar. In this particular restaurant, Aside from having objects for sale allusive football, They presented among customers caricatures of players like Gerard Pique and Lionel Messi.


  • The main thing is, definitely, poor access to gems. As the player progresses notice as demand increases gems, but access to them is restricted. This leads to lose interest in the game because you feel they are too slow progress.
  • Burnt dishes and of themselves away will be deducted from income the day, so it is necessary to be aware of many things at once.
  • further, Cooking fever needs to have an internet connection to make downloading restaurants. These are unlocked at various levels.

In conclusion

It is a no age limit, entertaining, that helps develop concentration Player. Y, but it has some details to improve, It is an excellent game for a little distracted and forget the daily stress. Fully recommended.

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