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Like the environment field? If you like rural games full of animals and crops of fruits or vegetables. Surely you'll be a fan of this new version of the famous game farm. It comes to FarmVille 2, that this opportunity is available for mobile devices.

FarmVille early.

It is a real-time game that was released in the year 2009. Initially, you could play through the social network Facebook and iPhone applications. During his debut year he became a very popular application on Facebook. Its users around the world amounted to the 81 million subscriptions.

It was then decided to begin development of a new version thanks to the success of the previous. Thus Zynga game developer decides to launch the new version and promising new FarmVille2. It is this issue Zynga collects and uses recommendations from the last version to create a new and improved game. Where there are new adventures with different targets to meet. In addition to improvements on farms, new recipes and variety of animals to breed.

Whats the game about.

Overall it is an adventure game in real time, The main objective is to create and manage a farm. This in order to make getting bigger by planting new crops and animal husbandry. In this world of farms crops you can share with other players and friends. This allows to know new farms to explore, market products and discover new adventures in a single game.

Important components of the game you need to know.

To start playing FarmVille2, ideal to know the game environment and its functions. In this way we explain what each one.


As can be seen it is the main theme of the game, the creation of a large and fruitful farm. This is accomplished by planting crops, trees, animal husbandry and construction of new stables. Harvest crop generates profits in the game, which they are necessary to buy new farms. It is important this type of game because if the player leaves hang harvest may be lost. Thus, it is essential to take the time each crop takes.


Is the value for which the resources are purchased in FarmVille2. exist 2 the FarmCoins types and Farm Cash. The coins are obtained trade crop, with ribbons and each time you level advancement.


Player level, It depends on the development of the farm. During the construction of new farms and building improvements. Experience accumulates, which allows the next level. At higher levels, You can get new buildings and additional skills that will be helpful.
They are obtained prizes every time you meet a mission. There are different types of tapes, each with a different value. Each level of the tape depends on the difficulty of the mission assigned.


Online players are those with which we can share resources and help them to gain experience.

Tips to fast in FarmVille 2.

You want to be the best and fast forward? Follow these tips and we guarantee that your friends get over faster.

  • Get more money selling seeds in the market.
  • Avoid using the keys, these are hard to get. Use it only to improve farms.
    Play every day prodigious gifts and roulette for keys.
  • Start your games on Facebook, this allows you to get 25 free keys.
  • Visits grandmother whenever you can to get good rewards.
  • Request help from your Facebook friends to help you develop the fastest crops.

Start building your own farm and!

As can be seen FarmVille 2 is a very novel and entertaining. Which has several aspects that make very varied this game, preventing it from flying routine. It is a very versatile game and you can play from any mobile device or PC. What graphics are high quality, for themselves to enjoy a rural environment as if it were real. Thus, We recommend this application that will enjoy safe and will play for good weather.

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